Welcome to MichaelMakingLivesBetter.org, the official website for the Erie Pennsylvania-based non-profit organization. We are so glad you’ve expressed interest in our organization today as we are excited to tell you about some upcoming events. Every year the Back2School Weekend gets bigger and better.

Glad to serve this community

Every year thousands of children and their family descends upon the Back2School Weekend grounds for the final celebration of the summer with food, fun and friends.

Annual Family Resource Fair this even curates some of the leading organization in the health and wellness, financial, family and home service industries all while maintaining a fun and entertaining atmosphere for the region’s youth and their families.


Back2School Free Haircut Day Saturday August 24th, 2019 8AM to 5PM. What started out as the personal mission of salon owner, and founder of the MMLB, Michael R. Hooks, has come full circle. Looking within his limited circle of resources, Michael devised a plan to give free haircuts out for the first day of school. This, to help build self-esteem, and aid families with lessening stresses that come with getting children ready for those oh so important first impressions. Today one of the largest events organize to give a personal touch to each and every student attending. Preschool to College age.


MMLB’s Annual 5K Run/Walk Saturday September 7th, 2017, 8AM to 10AM (Mark your calendars), the 5k Run/Walk ends the Back2School Weekend. This program is designed to help build a healthy mindset while engaging the whole family, neighborhood and Erie Community. Most importantly helps raise money for the after school program Education4Life.